\sə-lü-brē-əs\: adj. Favorable to or promoting health or well-being, as in salubrious habits.  Synonyms: healthful, beneficial


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205 W. Main Street
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105 E. Center Street

Suite B16
Mebane, NC 27302


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Salubrious Massage.  A healthful habit.

To live a happy and balanced life, you need to take an interest in yourself. This includes developing good habits and making good choices in what you eat and do. Some days, this means spending time being active and eating foods that are as close to their whole, original, living state as possible. On other days, this means having a piece of cake and curling up with a good book. As part of the vast and varied equation to happiness and balance, touch is essential. At Salubrious Massage, I hope to fulfill this aspect of your happiness by relieving stress, promoting a sense of inner balance, and helping you take care of yourself. 


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