\sə-lü-brē-əs\: adj. Favorable to or promoting health or well-being, as in salubrious habits.  Synonyms: healthful, beneficial


Carrboro location:
Salubrious Massage (map it)
205 W. Main Street
Suite 204
Carrboro, NC  27510

Mebane location:
Carolina Synergy (map it)
105 E. Center Street

Suite B16
Mebane, NC 27302



  • 45 minute massage: $55.00
  • 60 minute massage: $70.00
  • 90 minute massage: $100.00
  • Hot Stone massage (75 minutes): $85.00  



Cancellations & No-Shows

      I understand that conflicts, sickness, and the occasional last-minute changes happen. Cancellations are unavoidable sometimes! Please contact me no less than 12 hours in advance of your appointment. Any cancellations (or missed appointments) less than 12 hours in advance will obligate you to pay half the amount of the originally scheduled session.


      Maintaining a professional environment is of utmost importance to me. I reserve the right to terminate a session at any time if I believe the integrity of this environment has been compromised by such issues as inappropriate client behavior.


     As a licensed massage therapist, I maintain the confidentiality of all clients' information, unless law or court order mandates disclosure. If necessary, I may, with your written permission, discuss your case with your doctor.

Gift Certificates

      I will honor all gift certificates within three years from the purchase date.