\sə-lü-brē-əs\: adj. Favorable to or promoting health or well-being, as in salubrious habits.  Synonyms: healthful, beneficial


Carrboro location:
Salubrious Massage (map it)
205 W. Main Street
Suite 204
Carrboro, NC  27510

Mebane location:
Carolina Synergy (map it)
105 E. Center Street

Suite B16
Mebane, NC 27302


What to Expect

At your first appointment, please arrive five minutes early so you can fill out a medical history form and informed consent form.  (These forms can also be found at a link at the bottom of the page.) The purpose of the medical history form is to create a plan of care and assess for any conditions that might make massage therapy inadvisable. You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have about the session during this time as well.

When the forms and initial interview are complete, I will ask you to disrobe to your level of comfort after I leave the room. Usually this means undressing down to your underwear. Some people prefer to keep their underwear on while others prefer to be fully undressed; the choice is yours.

The blanket and sheet are provided for your comfort and warmth. Please let me know if you need additional blankets or if you are too warm. I will only uncover one area at a time as we progress through the massage.

You will then lay on the table covering yourself with the top sheet and blanket (usually face down unless I indicated otherwise). I will knock and ask if you are ready and will enter after you give your approval.

Communication is critical for an effective massage therapy session. It is important to let me know if you feel pain or if you are uncomfortable so that I can make adjustments as needed.

After the massage is over, I will leave the room. Please take your time getting off the table and getting dressed. Depending on which office you are at, you can meet me out in the front waiting room. Please feel free to ask any additional questions at this time or schedule another appointment.